Month: October 2014

Amazing Architects of the Future… Well done girls for constructing a very strong shape using just rolled-up magazines. It held 5KG of water!!!


Horrifying Halloween Art – Are You Looking Forward to Tomorrow?


Amazing Art. What do you think of the sculptures that we recreated back at school? Don’t you think that simple ideas can be very effective in Art?



Deserted on a Desert Island… What 5 objects/things could you take with you if you had to survive on a deserted island? Make sure you give logical reasons why!

desert island

Anti Bullying


Hi everyone. Rocio created a fantastic poster after our ‘Stamp Out Bullying’ assembly – great extra work Rocio. What do you think about the poster or the assembly? Do you have any other ideas about reducing bullying?





Woofy’s Wonderful Weekend Adventures (one of the class mascots)




Hi everyone, please let us know your thoughts and opinions about our new book this term. Would you like to live on an island? Would you want to escape from the island, like Billy, and go on an adventure to America?

wreck cover

Welcome to Year 6

art andy 3

andy g              andy 2

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