Deserted on a Desert Island… What 5 objects/things could you take with you if you had to survive on a deserted island? Make sure you give logical reasons why!

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  1. Aislin

    I would bring:
    Photo album:
    To remember my family.
    I love to read and it would give me some ideas of how to survive.
    To write stories or poems.
    Hiking boots:
    To explore the island.
    To cut trees and make a hut and also to protect myself.

  2. Alejandro V

    A picture of my family: I would bring a picture of my family because I love my family and I don’t want to separate from my parents or my silly brothers.

    A photo camera: I would bring a camera because I want to investigate the island and take pictures of curious plant and animal species I find.

    A lighter: I would bring a lighter because I would like to set up a bonfire need to cook with fire.

    A diary: I would bring a diary in order to write everyday what I do around the island, see, learn, etc. This way, when I come back home, I will read the diary and remember the experience.

    A teddy bear: I would bring a teddy bear in stormy nights to help me to sleep.

  3. Salva A 6D REP

    If I had to go to a dessert island with only five things I would take:
    A phone, so I can communicate in an emergency situation.
    Clothes, so I have something to wear.
    Some food, to have just in case I can’t find.
    Some water so I have just in case I don’t find any.
    Resistant tent, so I have somewhere to stay in during the nights.

  4. Rocío 6d rep

    I would like to take: an emergency kit because if I fall and cut myself I can cure the physical injury.
    A clock to tell the time.
    A tent for sleeping comfortable and relaxed.
    A recharging light for watching in the dark .
    And food and water to eat and drink. I hope you like it thanks

  5. Víctor

    Hello I am Víctor and I need water to drink, food for if I am hungry, a radio to communicate, a camp bed, and tools to make a house and a bed

  6. Enr 6C

    Water , because I drink a lot and it would be horrible to not drink in a week or two.

    Cap , because it I can’t support the sun coming into my delicate head like a storm into a ruined house.

    Camel , because they can walk easily through the sand and they drink a lot of water but only a long time in between.

    Knife , so I can catch fish and animals so I can live with food and if a wild animal attacks me I can defend myself.

    Lighter , so I can cook the food that I’ve caught and so I don’t eat it without cooking. Also, I can have a little fire before I go to bed or whatever moment.

  7. Carles 6b

    1.A camera for taking photos.
    2.A telescope for seeing things from far away.
    3.A lighter for making fire to be warm and for cooking.
    4.A torch for seeing in the darkness.
    5.A campaign tent to sleep.

  8. Ricardo 6C

    I would take to a dessert island this:
    A canteen to reserve water because some times there is no potable water and you need it to collect water from the rain.
    A machete for protection and for cutting things or hunting, sometimes you have to make a house
    A flint for making fire and heating your self or making smoke signals.
    A casserole for boiling water and cooking food,
    A waterproof poncho for making a tent and protecting you from rain and wind.

  9. Dalila 6c

    I would bring :

    Flint : to light a fire and to cook my food.

    Diary: to record what’s happening.

    A phone to stay in contact white my family

    First aid kit : in case I injur myself.

    A tent kit : so I have a shelter

  10. Ofelia 6D

    5 things I would take to a desert island:
    An emergency kit (alcohol,cotton etc) for injuries,
    Clothes (sunglasses,watch) to not be nude,
    Sun cream to not burn myself,
    An adventure kit (compass, binoculars, telescope, knife etc) to go to explore the island and
    A friend not to be alone.

  11. Rocío 6d rep

    Very cool choices Ofelia.

  12. Alberto 6A

    I would take:
    A male deer
    A female deer (so they both have babies and I can have a lot of deer and eat them)
    A spear to hunt the deer
    A lot of water
    And at last a tent so I have shelter at night

  13. Carlos 6C

    If I was there it will be my dream because it’s beautiful and the water is as crystal as a diamond. I will swim there, I will stay there with all my family all my life. I love that place.

  14. Carlos 6C

    I will take a chair for relaxing and sitting on the beach drinking a lemonade, swimming clothes to swim in the sea and toys for playing.

    • Good choices. Carlos, please just write ‘Carlos 6C’ when you blog. It isn’t being safe on the internet to use your full name. Thanks.

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