Amazing Art. What do you think of the sculptures that we recreated back at school? Don’t you think that simple ideas can be very effective in Art?




Deserted on a Desert Island… What 5 objects/things could you take with you if you had to survive on a deserted island? Make sure you give logical reasons why!


Horrifying Halloween Art – Are You Looking Forward to Tomorrow?


  1. Well done to all the children that worked on these during their lunch time. And a special thanks to Ms Little for arranging it all!

  2. Rocío 6d rep

    Amazing art sculptures year 6 !!

  3. Maria A

    I think these sculptures are wonderful and attractive, they are super effective! 😛

  4. Ofelia 6D

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful sculptures.

  5. Ms Stenhouse

    Such wonderful sculptures Year 6. It’s lovely to see so many pupils and parents stopping to admire them. Well done everyone!

  6. Rocío 6d rep

    I will give to all year 6 a SPECTACULAR applause .

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