Amazing Architects of the Future… Well done girls for constructing a very strong shape using just rolled-up magazines. It held 5KG of water!!!



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  1. Dalila y6c

    Wow, that’s incredible!

  2. Ofelia 6D


  3. Rocío 6d rep

    AMAZING !!!

  4. Rocío 6d rep

    Well done Sofia , Violeta , Carmen and Marta !!!!!!!

  5. Maria A

    How on earth did you manage to create that?

    😊 It’s fantastic!!! 😉

    😛 Cool! Superb! Fun! 😎

  6. Salva A 6D REP

    I don´t know how they did that, but I have to say that it´s ASTONISHING!!

  7. Ofelia 6D

    This week, we will try to make that, bit I think it’s impossible! Well, I will try it.

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