Puzzling Problems

You should be able to work this one out a little easier. More of a puzzle, than a Maths proble


Hilarious Comedy Video Using FMM App – Well done Denis


Part 2 of the Fabulous Fruit series! Denis has already made 5 episodes!!! Great work Denis.


  1. Lucia 6c

    First the man takes the fox, then the corn and lastly the chicken.

  2. Dalila

    First he would take the fox and the corn, then he will take the chicken

  3. María S. 6C

    He left the fox with the chicken, and then went back to collect the fox and corn.

  4. Hi everyone. Keep trying and make sure you read the ‘rules’, because no-one has got it correct yet! You can do it!

  5. Ofelia 6D

    I would leave the corn with the fox, and leave and eat the rabbit.

  6. Ms Stenhouse

    Okay here goes!
    First he takes the chicken over to the other side and leaves it.
    Then he returns and collects the corn and takes it over to the other side. He leaves the corn but collects the chicken and takes it back to the other side.
    He leaves the chicken but collects the fox, takes it to the other side and leaves the fox with the corn.
    Finally he returns and collects the chicken and takes it over to the other side.

  7. Ms Stenhouse has answered it successfully. Well done! I will post it when I get some more correct answers sent to me. Come on Y6 – you can do it!

  8. Cristina R.

    The man first brings the chicken. Then he goes and gets the corn. He brings again the ckicken to the other side then he gets the fox and leaves it with the corn. He goes back again and brings the ckicken with the other 2 things.

  9. Now Cristina in Y6C has solved the puzzle. Well done Cristina – have 3 positive Dojos. Can anyone else solve it before I post the answers?

  10. Maria A in 6C has sent me a Keynote explaining it. Unfortunately, I can’t post Keynotes here – so I will have to try to add it in some other way. Thanks Maria A!

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