Gold!!! We were talking about the cost of metals in my class today. Does anyone actually know how much gold is estimated to be on Earth? Also, could you describe it in a way that is easy to understand please.



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  1. Lola 6c

    The estimates are around 155,244 tones of gold although it is not surely that amount .

    I would like to have so much gold!!! 😊😊😊😎😎😎

  2. Thanks Lola – have a positive Dojo. Marina has also sent me an answer, but it is a Keynote. I will try to add it later. Lola, or anyone really, do you know how much space this would take up? For example, would it be the size of our classroom?

  3. Arantxa

    The estimates are around 173,233 tones, however it’s not sure that amount of tones.

  4. I don’t know, but I think like one and a half of a class, or two.

  5. Rocio 6D rep

    I think 155,244 as Lola because they use a lot of money
    We will be rich 💰💰💰💰

  6. That would be about 158 000 tonnes. I guess it about 3 classrooms to put all that gold in!💰💷💷

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