New Lego Robotics Work



Lunch Time Lego Robotic Club


Chocolate Madness!


  1. Maria A

    So cool!
    Amazing and astonishing! 😋

  2. Wow! That was an amazing evening, I remember doing the gear and programing the sensor.

    • Well done boys. Great work!

    • Hi Salva – I think you meant to say ‘lunch time’. Thanks for all your hard work Salva when we are doing robotics. You have been really helpful. Well, Nathan and Oliver have been really supportive of other children too.

  3. Nathan 6D

    That was so cool! I remember building the shell and the how the car works inside. It was awesome when we completed it!

  4. Lola 6C

    Wow, that is fantastic I really like it!!!

    • Thanks for your comment Lola. Don’t forget capitals though… I am going to try and work out if we can use them in class too. I hope so. Also, when you go to secondary you will get chance to use the Mind Storms Lego robots, they are the ones we used on the robotics trip in Valencia.

  5. I did that last year with the year6 golden time lego making and it was amazing. Enjoy your time!

  6. Carlos 6C

    I want to do Lego. It is very good. I LOVE LEGO.

  7. Eva 5b

    Wow! I tried them today and it was fantastic.

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