Month: August 2015

Y5 iPad Videos 1

Here are the first videos. I recommend that you watch them in the order I post them. There are 6 videos in total and if you have any questions after watching them, then please ask. However, remember the blog rules. Only use your first name and then you class, e.g. Juan Y5E. Happy blogging!





Welcome to the new Year 5s!

Hi, I hope you have all had an amazing summer and are ready to be creative and hardworking with your iPad.  We are going to change this blog a little, so everyone in Y5 and Y6 can use it!

Y5s, I am going to post some videos on here that you need to watch, they will help you to be well prepared for Y5. They will be about how you need to have your iPad set up for the start of the school year (just like at the end of Y4 when some Y6 children came into your class to help).



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