Welcome Back To School!

Hi everyone. We all hope you have had a fantastic summer holiday and are ready to learn lots and have fun this term. The ICT suite is changing and will include many more things, not just PCs – so firstly we will have a competition to give it a new name and secondly we want you to create some amazing artwork so that we can make them into posters for the walls in the room. Follow this Y5/6 blog and also the primary blog to find out all the details.



Y5 iPad Videos 1




  1. Christian R

    Hi sadly I’m gonna leave in December to Korea, but I can still talk with you.

    • Christian, it’s a shame that you are leaving our school. However, this blog is perfect for keeping in touch. I would be delighted if you keep checking our blog and sending us messages. Have you been to Korea before? I spent a week there quite a few years ago and I loved it. The food is wonderful (I adore spicey food by the way).

  2. Ekaterina 6B

    Hello Mr Fraser, I have a 1 name for ICT room: Digital room!

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