Some More Y5 Trip Photos.

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Even More Great Photos From the Y5 Trip!


  1. Gillian Hamilton

    Despite the light rain Y5 had a brilliant visit to the Botanical Gardens last week and learnt a lot about different types of plants and seed dispersal.
    We are all ready to do our science test and get full marks!!

  2. Nicolas

    I loved the trip. Can I go one more time?

  3. Noelia

    I had a lovely time.

  4. I had a lovely time.

  5. Alfonso

    I love the botanical garden because I saw for first time in my life a carnivorous plant.

  6. Lucia c

    I ❤️ The trip to the botanical garden. We learnt lots of things and got lots of seeds.

  7. Alfonso

    I like the botanical garden a lot. It was like being in the rainforest. 🌲

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