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Hello everyone, what do you think has happened in this photo? Get creative and inventive and describe what has just happened. It can be funny, serious, silly… anything really, as long as it is interesting and written well. Think about using adverbs, adjectives, similes, metaphors etc. and make sure you use a wide variety of punctuation. A purple form will be awarded to the most interesting one!




Marvellous Maths Challenge


  1. Belen6C

    Wow! It’s amazing
    Do you think somebody did it on purpose

  2. Lucas P. Y5C

    It was a very suny day and a child was very excited, he was so excited to go to school that he was very crazy.Of course it was his first day at school!😉 He was totally crazy!😁When it finished the day he shouted “There is my car!” there was his mom “oh mom!”😮😮😮I’m so crazy! And he spined around and round and round and his mom was thinking…”He is totally crazy!”

    Mom shouted “you should STOP!!!!!!!!!”. But the boy was spining and spining and spinning and spinning around. He caused a snow storm! He went through the cars and he threw all the cars around! Until it was all destroyed! It was all flying around, even his mom! 😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😳 OMG!!!!!! He stoped. He was so dizzy that he fell on the floor and bang!He was red like a tomato, when he looked around he fell and laughed a lot.

    And then he thought”Were is my mom?”😕

    😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆The end

    I hope that you liked it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Gonzalo 6c

    Creative writing

    There was a giant tsunami that made the ground shake and pulled and pushed the cars and then, finally they turned upside down.

  4. Óscar 6c

    We all think an earthquake started flipping cars around and lots of stuff more. But scientists have recorded it and saw:It wasn’t an earthquake,it was the Yeti!
    Also some clues can be seen like:The snow that could have been left by the Yeti, maybe he stepped on the crashed cars. Believe it or not, we think it is The Yeti.

  5. Holden

    The parking lot was incinerated by a laser, then the cars all fell on there tires but one of the cars exploded and all the cars flipped over then the people saw a fluffy evil unicorn and they accused the unicorn of doing it.

  6. Maria6C

    I think that happened because there was a lot of wind and the cars turned over.

  7. Pablo B. Y6C

    A long time ago, there was a city that was in a civil war and when a man went to there he knew that there were cars upside down and the police are trying to identify if it was a helicopter that has thrown a bomb or a tornado.It’s a mystery that now nearly all the city are trying to identify and other people from other cities as well want to identify the mystery.

  8. MartaO6C

    A rubbish truck was getting the rubbish and the man who was driving it forgot to put on the hand brake.The truck rolled down the street,and it finally ended at the parking area.The truck crashed against lots of the cars.

  9. Jorge6C

    There was a tornado and all the cars fell down and broke their glass, a tsunami got all the snow and the trees were without leave. The people were frustrated because the place had nothing, like the desert.

  10. Julia6C

    Today there has been an accident, it is a really strange! It has happened because they were doing a race in a place, so then they all crashed and they did a very strange thing. They were all shocked all the people did photos.

    If that’s a real photo I am shocked😁😁😁😁

  11. Martina 6c


    Steewen Thompyard has invented a new modern type of car,it works the other way round and when you close the car and go, the car throws ice cubes so that you know!

  12. Elvira6c

    This is a disaster! This happened in the car park because the Hunger Hulk came.
    In the beggining some people were insulting hulk, so he wanted revenge.
    He threw a laser and all the cars were crushed.

  13. Lucía 6C

    I think a snowman army thought that the cars were to remove the snow, so they were enemies and they all pushed every single car upside down, but my father says the wind has flipped them over, but I think my idea is better.

  14. Lucía 6C


  15. Ariadna6c

    One day the police were investigating the cars, because one of the cars had a bomb inside. Suddenly they heared ‘boooomb!’, they turned and saw a car exploding, all the policemen died and all the cars suddenly were upside down.

  16. Maria

    I liked the botanic gardens trip.

  17. Maria

    I loved the trip to the botanic gardens.

  18. Ismael 6c

    Ismael 6c

    Hello everyone, today I bring you news. In America someone changed into the Hulk. There was a car park and all the cars were destroyed by him. The cars were as destroyed like when an iPad falls onto the floor! After that, the police came and tried to kill Hulk. But they couldn’t.😖😖😨

  19. Santi 6-D

    I think there is a giant magnet underground.

    • Could be Santi – why don’t you try to expand your writing.

      • Candela T 6D

        A long time ago, on a sunny day a crazy little boy was going to the cinema with his friends Alberto and Vicente to see the film THE LAST SURVIVOR😵😵😵 They bought too much sugar in sweets, so much each of them took 10 bags of sweets🍬🍬🍬 The first 10 mins were so entertaining that they had eaten all the sweets after 20 mins of the film, so they went to get another bag.

        When they got out and saw a formula 1 car, they just thought to try a round, but because they had eaten so much sugar they pressed the acceleration button
        very hard and made a tornado!

        THE END
        I hope you like it.

  20. Ekaterina 6B

    A long time ago there was a city in Japan called Nagasaki. One day in Nagasaki a terrible earthquake happened at night. Everything was ruined. When the police came they saw that all cars were upside down and houses were without windows and without anybody inside…
    The end…
    I hope you enjoyed it!🍒🍍🍉🍋

    • Well done Ekaterina. That could be an explanation that is possible in real life. Especially because Japan has lots of earthquakes, I lived there for 3 years and I experienced about 20 small earthquakes!!! Thanks and keep on blogging!

  21. Claudia6C

    The cars were upside down because a tractor with a huge magnet got cars, but the tractor run out off batteries, so the cars fell upside down.

  22. Javi M

    Godzilla and King Kong fought and all the city was destroyed.

  23. Miss Çoleto

    Hace varios siglos, las ciudades humanas fueron tomadas por gigantes de otro planeta. Muchos humanos huyeron a otros planetas pero otros se quedaron para descubrir qué querían los gigantes. Y en lugar de empezar una guerra… empezaron a colaborar.
    Los gigantes extraterrestres necesitaban poco para vivir: grandes espacios para moverse y mucha comida-basura.
    Gracias a ellos, los basureros del mundo desaparecieron; y las fábricas contaminantes, y los grandes edificios que no dejaban ver el sol…
    Y los humanos les enseñaron a reir, a disfrutar … y a jugar.
    Y lo que veis en esta foto es un tablero para jugar a las tres en raya: un gigante pone sus tres fichas-coche del derecho y otro gigante pone sus tres fichas-coche del revés. Así de sencillo.

  24. Lucas P. Y5C

    Who is the best at the moment?🤓🤗

  25. Lucas P. Y5C

    Muy bien Ms Coleto👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👩🏼👩🏼

  26. Blanca S

    I think the wind was very strong and pushed everything upside down!

  27. Cesar 6C

    What happened?

  28. Laura 6b

    Car evolution

    One year ago there were cars that stood in four wheels but what is this?

    Simple, it all started when a famous scientist had an idea, he thought, “If we can go in cars that have four wheels, why can’t we go in cars that are upside down? So he recruited thousands, no, millions of scientists to help him. Half of them didn’t believe in that but the other half did. He said to the ones that didn’t believe him, “If you don’t believe me now go away but if I can finally fabricate upside down cars, you will work for me until you die!”

    All the people that didn’t believe him agreed to his conditions and they left him.

    After years and years and years of working on his project he was about to give up, when suddenly he had a strange but at the same time brilliant idea to make those special cars.

    His idea was to put tiny little wheels at the bottom (or the top for the cars that had four wheels) that anyone could see. He did that and tried it himself.

    For his surprise it worked! He was amused! He finally had done it! The only thing he had left to do was to promote it, so he talked to the TV people and asked if they could add his TV Commercial, at the beginning they refused to do it but when they saw it they couldn’t resist to put it immediately on TV, it was too good and amazing.

    When the people started seeing the commercial they wanted to buy the cars immediately so they went to the shop and bought them.

    All the people wanted so much those cars that in two hours the streets were full of upside down cars and there was no sign of the normal cars. The scientist was so proud of himself that he nearly forgot his promise with the other scientists.

    He called every one of them and for all their lives they were working for that scientist and together they created lots of inventive projects. They became rich, really, really rich.


    I hope you liked my story! ❗️😀😀

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