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Hour of Code


Here is the website for coding. I would recommend that you set up an account, you will need to input an email address, but you could use the one.

Have a great weekend.

Maths Challenge 2


Here is a new one. I’ve posted the solutions to the last one in that section. Well done to everyone who did it! Get your teacher to give you 2 positive Dojos.

By the way, the division symbol on a keyboard is usually this /    eg 12/4= 3


Terrific Technology Posters

image image image image image

Here are some lovely posters that I will put up in the Techno Zone. Thanks to the people who sent them in.



Hi, this will be a regular post that you can recommend creative apps to other people.  Here is the first one, it’s from Lucia in Y6B and it looks really effective and simple to use. She has made a few videos to demonstrate it. Well done Lucia!

So, remember please save any work or recommended apps in my folder on  Google Drive. Each year group has their own folder, but please make sure it has your name and class on it and maybe a description of what it is.

This app is called Flipagram and it is a photo editor that you can add music to. Please tell me why you like it Lucia.



A Video From Alba in Y5A

Hi, here is a video from Alba with information about Jaume I, a very important character in  Valencia’s history. Well done Alba.

Environmental Fair


Hi, here is an event you may be interested in. It is linked to this term’s topic and Ms Benjamin has helped to organise it.


Trip To The Natural History Museum

P1050925 P1050946 P1050945 P1050950 P1050937 P1050951 P1050929 P1050928 P1050953 P1050954 P1050948 P1050955

Some photos from the trip today. Let me know what you thought about it. What did you learn or find interesting?

Amazing Micro-robots

What do you think of this? Please let me know. I will look for the English version too and then post it here.

I can’t find the same one – but here is a similar one.

Maths Challenge


Post your methods here. Remember, you can only use each number once. Good luck.

So far Mery in 6A and Rodolfo in 6D have sent me a solution. Thanks.

What’s Going On?



What’s the story behind these photos? Get creative!

I will post a maths challenge tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

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