Hour of Code


Here is the website for coding. I would recommend that you set up an account, you will need to input an email address, but you could use the caxtoncollege.net one.

Have a great weekend.


Maths Challenge 2


Christmas Is Coming!!!


  1. Alejzhou6B

    It is very cool this programe !!!!!!!!

  2. Elena year5A
    I think that one sunny and hot day he was very hungry and he ate a cat.
    The next morning he looked at the mirror and he saw a big white mustache.


  3. Alejzhou6B

    I’ve already finished the minecraft code. Now I am going to try another one!

    • Wonderful news Alejandro. Why not try the Star Wars one – the new Star Wars film comes out soon. I will go to the cinema over the Christmas holidays to watch it.

  4. Alejzhou6B

    Well, I am trying the Stars Wars one and it is very cool!

  5. María d 6a

    It’s really cool!!!

  6. Arnau 6C

    That was fantastic!!!


  7. Lucía 5C

    I only have 1 follower in Flipagram….I think more people should have it!😉

  8. Ana 6b

    I already finish the Minecraft one now I am trying to do the frozen!
    But is really difficult !
    I love challenges!

  9. Carlos M 6d

    I really like this program it will be fantastic if we find more like this one

  10. Alejzhou6B

    I have now finished Star Wars and I’m trying to do a complicated level in Frozen!

  11. Rodolfo 6D

    I have a folder filled up with special effects ,iMovie makers and lots of apps for the Lights camera action on the second term.
    Like, Yap ,it’s like you talk and the character that you choose talks .

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