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Anti Bullying Week- Integrity Video


Here is a link to the video that we didn’t get chance to watch in the assembly. I hope it helps you understand what integrity means, it is quite difficult.

An Unusual Method of Multiplication

What do you think of this? Could it be used for all numbers? What about 3 digits numbers multiplied by 2 digits e.g. 12 x 123?

Do you know any other methods?

PS in the video the man doesn’t talk about place value and he really should, for example the first digit really has a value of 10 (not 1).

The New ITC Suite Name…


Techno Zone!!!

It recieved at least half of the votes. It was very close at first, but lots of the votes that came in late were for Victor’s suggestion (in Y6D) . Well done Victor. A purple form for to Rebecca Y5B and Ms Kildea for their suggestions!

Y6 Tour of the IT Systems

image image image

Y6A had a tour around the IT systems today. Let me know what you thought of it and what new things you learnt? Are the other classes looking forward to it? Thanks to Ivan and Paz for showing us around!

Posters for the ICT Suite

image image image image

Here are some of the posters that we have picked for the ICT suite. I think they are fantastic. I will post the digital ones that we pick very soon. Well done Ana Y6B, Lola Y6A, Belen Y5D and  Lorrena Y5A

Lucia’s (Y5C) Juliane Koepcke Video

Here is Lucia’s iMovie that she made. I think that she has done really well with her first project. Don’t you? It is a lot easier to make a trailer than a project, but making a trailer is a good place to start. Please put any movies that you are proud of into the Google Drive folder and I will post the best ones.

Anti-Bullying Week

Anti bullying

Hi everyone,

As you probably know, next week is Anti-Bullying Week. It would be wonderful if some of you could make something to help. It could be a normal poster, digital poster, poem, picture, iMovie… anything. I will put it up around school and post it here on the blog.

I look forward to seeing some of your wonderful work!

Lego WeDo Basics for Y6 Computing


Here is a video with some very basic instructions for the first lesson in robotics.

Let’s Vote For The ICT Suite’s New Name!!!



Here is the short list of suggested names for the renaming of the ICT suite. You will have to vote as a class and then get your teacher to send me your class’ choice. One choice per class – then the name that gets the most class votes wins! Only choose from the 3 names below please.I will email your teachers explaining this.

A. Digi Den (Digi being short for digital)

B. Techno Lounge

C. Techno Zone

Think carefully.

Remember, you do not post your individual votes.

Thank you very much for all your suggestions.

Maths Puzzle


Hi, I asked Y6A, this afternoon, if they could solve this problem.  You can only use the 6 numbers at the top to make the bigger number, 480. You can only use each number once, but you can use any operation (multiply, divide etc.). You don’t have to use all the numbers. Y6B, it’s the same as the one you did in class today.

Can you solve the problem? Mery in Y6A has already sent me the method, well done Mery. Who is up for the challenge? Send me your workings.

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