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Hi, I went to watch the new Star Wars movie last night and it was fantastic! Here is a model of R2D2 that Carlos V in Y6D has made. Isn’t it amazing? Has anyone else seen the movie? I’m not sure what the age limit is though… Let me know what you feelings are about Star Wars, do you love it or hate it… or just don’t care. I love the older movies, but wasn’t very keen on the newer ones. However, the Force Awakens is more like the original, older movies.


Curious Cat!


Can anyone create a wonderful story about this unusual moggie?

Christmas Creations!


Here are some fantastic gifts I’ve received from some of you kind children. Also, not in the picture,  Carla in Y6A gave me a lovely scarf. The creative card was from Maria R, Arnau gave me the santa and Carla in 6B made me a smashing snowman using rice – very creative!

Many thanks

6C Summit Vote

Hi, I have looked at the votes and anyone who voted twice was removed and some people voted for the same energy source twice (e.g. solar and solar) – so I deleted those votes too. However, the result is the same with solar being the first pick and wind the second. See the pie-chart below (made with Google sheets).

image (1)

And this is the second pick.

image (2)

And this is how many people will return to the island.



Thanks, I hope that the people who voted twice did it by mistake and not because they were cheating…

Merry Christmas from Caxton College

Christmas Creative Writing

image imageHi

Here are some funny festive photos that you could write a little story about. Get creative and try to use similes, adjectives (power of 3), connectives, adverbs etc.


More Xmas Videos

The first one is my favourite from this year, poor Mog. What do you think?

I find the second one a little sad, however it does make me think about people who may be lonely over the Christmas holiday. Maybe you could get in touch with an older relative to wish them a happy Christmas. Please tell me your thoughts.

Fantastic Y5 Concert


I’m sure you all loved the Y5 version of the Jungle Story, I know I certainly  did. Here is a little trailer that Belen from Y5D has made. Well done Belen! Have a Dojo.

What did you think of the performance? Did you enjoy doing it, if you are in Y5? Can you name all of the main characters from the story? Let me know your thoughts please.

Another Christmas Competition!


Cracking Christmas Competition

IMG_1721 (1)

Hi everyone. Christmas is fast approaching and the Reps have already decorated the tree! However, you may have noticed that it is a little empty at the top of the tree. That’s because we want you to create a wonderful decoration to crown our tree. So, please create something suitable to put on the top of our lovely tree. You have until after the long weekend and you will have to use your own resources. A purple form will be given to the best ones made. Hand them into your teachers by next Wednesday, the  9th of December. Good luck


Her are our first entries! We could even have a different tree topper each day if we have lots of great examples like these two. Well done girls.




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