Cracking Christmas Competition

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Hi everyone. Christmas is fast approaching and the Reps have already decorated the tree! However, you may have noticed that it is a little empty at the top of the tree. That’s because we want you to create a wonderful decoration to crown our tree. So, please create something suitable to put on the top of our lovely tree. You have until after the long weekend and you will have to use your own resources. A purple form will be given to the best ones made. Hand them into your teachers by next Wednesday, the  9th of December. Good luck


Her are our first entries! We could even have a different tree topper each day if we have lots of great examples like these two. Well done girls.





Mindfulness Video


Another Christmas Competition!


  1. Rodolfo 6D

    Rodolfo 6D
    The title is an alliteration
    Cracking Christmas Competition

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