Fantastic Y5 Concert


I’m sure you all loved the Y5 version of the Jungle Story, I know I certainly  did. Here is a little trailer that Belen from Y5D has made. Well done Belen! Have a Dojo.

What did you think of the performance? Did you enjoy doing it, if you are in Y5? Can you name all of the main characters from the story? Let me know your thoughts please.


Another Christmas Competition!


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  1. Rodolfo 6D

    Rodolfo 6D
    It was fantastic !!
    I really like the bird song.

  2. Arnau 6C

    Yes. It was fantastic. I really like it.

    Thanks for sharing and reminding me of that marvellous concert. 😀😄😄😀

  3. Victor 6D

    I loved the bird part, it was really funny and I enjoyed it.

  4. Carlos M 6d

    Birds birds birds birds birds!


  5. Alejzhou6B

    Yes! Very cool!

  6. Lucía 5C

    Thank you for liking it,teachers were very busy!!!💎

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