Christmas Creative Writing

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Here are some funny festive photos that you could write a little story about. Get creative and try to use similes, adjectives (power of 3), connectives, adverbs etc.



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  1. Alejzhou6B

    Santa Clause and his bad memory.

    How did it happen? Easy.

    In one freezing day in the North Pole, Santa Claw was waiting for his baby to be born. After 20 years Santa Claw was very tired and had an idea, he will survive until his baby was 80 years old! He taught everything to do in the night for Chistmas Eve, but the young boy didn’t have a good memory. He said to himself ‘I need to hand out all the present in one night’. But when he was 50 years old he said to himself that he could not do this hard job because he was old like the Great Wall. So he said to his dad that he did not like to do the job. Santa was furious, well not furious, LIVID!

    He was all his life teaching him for nothing! He was all his life being in bad mood.
    A winter night, Santa Claw packed his bags while his son was sleeping and went forever to the sky, but still complaining about the miserable talk.

    Chistmas Eve was coming and then, Santa Claus ( the son of Santa Claw) was feeling confident, but when he needed to give out the presents he said that it would be super easy, but then he saw that there were 5 presents in the bag so he went at 14:00 and went on his scooter that his dad given him. Everyone was laughing at him, but finally he gave them out.

    When he was in the North Pole he was laughing and shuddering at the words ‘Chistmas Eve’ and he had never been seen. But a few years later he was not seen by anyone and he managed to gave all the presents out in time.

    And that is my story about Santa Claus and his bad memory!

    I hoped you like itβ—οΈβ€ΌοΈπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  2. Laura 6b

    Modern Santa in the city

    What is Santa doing in the city at this time and in SUMMER? How did he get a motorbike?

    Okay, so it all started when before Christmas lots and lots of children were born and Santa thought he would never have time to give out all that presents, there were millions, no, billions of presents to give out and he could never ever do it in one night, not even in one month.

    After hours and hours of thinking about it he had an idea. He thought, β€œIf Christmas is in winter, in summer I could go all around the world and put all the presents in the chiminies and when Christmas arrives I just need to push them down.” But there was a problem, the reindeer could only go out in winter, in summer they would be too suffocated, so he had to think about a solution.

    Finally he had a solution and it was to buy a motorbike so discreetly without his Christmas clothes, with normal clothes, he went to the shop to buy a motorbike.

    While Santa was in the city, all the elves that made toys were working really hard to get them made as quickly as possible.

    After thirty minutes of waiting, he finally got the motorbike and went back (with the motorbike) to his house in the North Pole. When he arrived home he found all the toys prepared to be given so he got prepared, he changed clothes and he put on his normal clothes and he sat on the motorbike and off he went to give out presents.

    When he had finally finished after a long, exhausting summer of working, he couldn’t find his way home so he had to go all around until he finally remembered the way.

    So after all that working he was ready for Christmas. Hope he will get to push all the presents down the chiminies in time! Good luck Santa!

    The end

    I hope you liked my writing! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

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