Curious Cat!


Can anyone create a wonderful story about this unusual moggie?


Christmas Creations!




  1. Christian

    Long long ago there was a cat named Nono. One day he started to be curious about a dog, the dog did not know that the cat was following her.
    One night the dog saw the cat, from his night watch out tower, and he set up a trap! The cat did not see the trap, so she stepped on it…
    The dog found her he said, ‘Go away!’, the cat didn’t so the dog scared her away and she stop being curious and went to a nother country

  2. Laura 5C

    One day there was a normal cat wondering around, when she found another cat, but it was not a normal cat, it was Cazeus, the God of the cats!
    He said to her to go and find the golden toy mouse for him, so she went. She found a dog who help her but she needed to give her a bit of fur, because the dog’s skin was not very pretty so she gave him some of her fur.
    Instead the cat had a bit of black fur at the top of her face. They travelled all the world until they finally found the golden toy mouse, however there was a problem. The evil God (that was a cat) Cades. But they beat him with his one simple defect, cookies. So they threw the cookies and took the golden toy mouse and run away.
    Cazeus was very pleased and he gave her the silver trophy. She was the hero. 😺

  3. Alejzhou6B

    Venus and the mysterious god.

    Venus (the strange cat) was absolutely normal. No changes. But one day, her owner died and the poor cat was alone.
    The god Gatomania was very naughty and changed the colour of his fur into a black-brown fur. His white ( like the snow) fur was gone!
    “Absolutely strange,” thought Venus while she was going to the gods palace. He prayed all night to the god Gatomania and yelled every minute, ” Please help me”, but nothing happened.
    When he was going to go away, a strange lighting came and blackness, like the night came. A horrible and strange noise was coming. Something miserable, IT WAS THE GOD, GATOMANIA!
    Venus was petrified so he hid behind a wall. Looking and hiding, Venus knew what had happened. The god wanted to kill her, so Venus with his powerful paws scratched the god and the god died.
    Now Venus became a god. Maybe you think it is called Aphrodite. And now are thinking how did he ,well she become a human? When she was a god she turned into a human. This is my story.

    I hope you like it!😜😜

  4. One day three little puppies were born.
    They were black white and brown, they were separated two days later. One of them went to a rich family, another one went to a little family and the other one to the dad’s family.
    The first one was very private and coloured his room black, when they were panting by accident he entered half of his face into the paint pot and from this moment he was half black and half white.

  5. Laura 6b

    A long time ago there was a cat named Venus. He absolutely loved paint. He loved it so much that his owner had to buy him each week a container full of paint. His owner, obviously, didn’t like spending so much money in paint, so he had a wonderful idea.

    His idea was to paint half of the cats face in black, so that he would have paint forever. (By the way, the cats favourite colour was black, even though he was orange). So the owner went off to the shop to buy black paint.

    While he was at the shop the cat was thinking: “How strange, he went to the shop and today is not Monday.” (On Mondays is when the owner went to buy paint). “What is he doing?”

    When the owner arrived home, he got a paintbrush and started painting the cats face. The cat, obviously, didn’t want his precious face to be painted and ruined so he started going away. While the cat was moving, his owner, splashed big dots of black paint all over the cat and the cat was terribly annoyed. He did not only have half of his face painted in black, he had gigantic black spots all over him!

    The cat was so annoyed and angry with his owner that he left his house forever and he is walking around by himself in the streets of London.

    And about the owner, he never had a cat again in his whole life, not even a dog or a fish. He didn’t want to see paint because it reminded him of his cat.

    I hope you liked my story!!!

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