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Y6 Mock EPT Timetable


Hi Y6, here is a copy of the timetable for next week (it is just the same doc. repeated). Good luck and do your best.

Y6 Talk on Movie Making


What did you think of the talk by the director,  Josevi García Herrero, today? Do you think it will help you with your film making project? If so, how?

Real or fake?


What do you think about this video? Is it real…

Creative Writing Ideas

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Lego WeDo Basic Instructions

Robotics School in Valencia

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Having fun today at the Science School in Valencia. Constructing and programming Lego Mindstorm robots is great fun!!!


Recommended App

Here is a fantastic little video from the ‘Techno Girls’ about a photo editing app. Well done girls (Lucia, Noa and Patricia) I’m really impressed with the effort you are putting into using your iPads creatively! Have a purple form.

How to Use iMovie Part 3

Ok, so this is a strange one, because when I record the screen from my iPad (using Quicktime on my MacBook for anyone who is interested) it doesn’t record the sound! So, you will just have to imagine it… However, you will have done it in class anyway.


How to Use iMovie Part 2

This is for using transitions between the slides.

How to Use iMovie Part 1

Here is a very quick video about how to transfer files from Google Drive to your iPad.

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