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  1. Alejzhou6B REP

    The magic cat.

    Didn’t you know about the magic cat?

    Well, it started all like this. In one city called ‘Catworld’ there was only cats. Every cat had a job……….except one cat called:Maca. Every day,every cat laughed at him, until one day Maca thought about it and started to work.

    Maca thought about being a policecat. He practiced until he was a police. But one day, there was a thief that wanted to rob a bank, Maca saw it and arrested him but the thief had a realloy sad face and so Maca let him free. When the other police knew about this he was thrown out and was not a policecat any more.

    Maca thought again, he wanted to be a fireman. He practiced until he was a fireman. But one day, a house was in fire. Maca went straight to the house with a pot with lava and split it onto the house. When the other fireman’s knew about it he was thrown away with water and was not a fireman.

    Maca thought and thought. Unfortunately, one day his parents died. He was in the hospital with his parents,talking with them, his mother Cara was telling him what his name meant. Maca was happy, but at that moment his mother died.

    Maca thought about what his name was about until a day Maca was watching the TV when he saw a programme were they was doing magic. He tried to do magic and really he liked it! His first concert came and did a trick. He did the amazing tube trick. When everyone saw it, it was fantastic! He was a fabulous magician!

    After a few weeks he knew what was his name meant: MAgic CAt, MACA!
    He is a excellent magician.

    I hope you like my story!😋😋😋

    • I always love your inventive stories Alejandro. Please check for small changes I’ve made. Just some word order changes really. Thanks.

      PS I’m sorry this story was from a long time ago, but it was put into my ‘Spam’ folder for some reason! Does anyone know what spam is? 2 positive points for the best answer.

  2. Eva 5b

    Is very strange.

  3. Miguel Marzano

    That photo is kind of strange even though I know that they’re 2 cats, not 1 stretched out!

  4. Hi,I think there are 2 cats inside,but is difficult to know!!!!🐯🐯🐯

  5. Hi,I think there are 2 cats because if there was one he had to be a superhero to stretch out!!!!!

  6. Helena Y5

    It’s very funny !!!!

  7. Lucas P. Y5C

    2 or 3 days ago there was a land called Ahnimation, in Ahnimation there lived a chipmunk who had a great decorative house in the street of Haxa. His dream was to be a food maker and every day he looked in the garbage can to see if there was a little paper of any food ingredients. And he looked in all the trash of each street, of each village, of each town, but he didn’t look in the rubbish of HIS street or village or town. He didn’t do it because his village was so so big that he thought that it was a town!🏘.

    So one day he saw his image in a broken mirror and proudly said to himself “Today it’s my lucky day, I will look in MY VILLAGE!!”.

    Then he started to look for the nearest trash can, at the 6th trash can HE FOUND A CHOCOLATE BARRRRRR!!!! He was super duper HAPPY and he read it a couple of times, finding out the things what he needed. Later on he made a tiny winy factory.

    And at last he found his dream and made it come true!!

    And he became RICH and famous thanks to the chocolate bars…


    • Yeah! Lucas the creative writer is back! Well done, lots of detail used and repetition. Lucas, see if you can see where I’ve added some commas within sentences. I like how you used direct speech, however I think you could improve the first sentence. Ask me in school.

  8. Lucas P. 5C


  9. Lucia💟5️⃣C

    Now, I’m going to talk about the chipmunk because I❤️Alvin and the chipmunks so let’s go on with this…seems the chipmunk is reading the newspaper, but I think he DASHED to look for some acorns, as he was so hungry, however he stared at the newspaper and didn’t eat it (phew!).
    Ok,and that is my comment.

  10. The chipmunk who heard a strange noise

    In 1956 there lived a chipmunk called Lucas who had a house in London in the street Arthimis. Before he could start reading his newspaper he heard a strange noise coming from the other street, instantly he became paralysed.
    After that, he started getting dressed to see where the strange noise came from, so when he got dressed he went out and he started investigating. When he got to the site, where the strange noise came from, he got in the enormous house he started investigating in side. The first thing he heard was the strange noise again. When he knew from which room it came from, he went in.
    Then he saw from where it came from in the room, it was a buzzing bee who was trying to get out of the small room. The chipmunk helped the bee get out the small room and when they are already out the bee said, “Thank you!” to the chipmunk.
    When he got home he started reading his interesting newspaper and then he ate lunch and went to bed.

  11. Maybe there was a cat that had lemons and he went hyper and then stretched out in to that form👾👾👾👾

  12. Alejzhou6B

    Mr Fraser, I think that “Spam” folder is a is a subset of electronic spam involving nearly identical messages sent to numerous recipients by email.

  13. Alejzhou6B

    First I thought that it was a type of food!😅😅

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