Real or fake?


What do you think about this video? Is it real…


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  1. Laura 6b

    I think it’s fake, I think that someone has dressed up to do it.

  2. RaΓΊl

    Hello I really liked the video it was amazing.
    I never saw awestruck skiing!!!
    They did it very good.πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

  3. Eva

    I think this video is funny and false.

  4. Miguel M

    I think it’s fake, but it’s funny. I think they’re just dressed up people!!!

  5. Marta 5C

    I think that it could be both because…it could be some specialists of the cinema or great ostriches very, very good trained from the circus.

    • It could be a mixture Marta. Maybe they filmed for real ostriches and then edited it with CGI and make it look like they were skiing and on a ski slope. Whatever way, it’s certainly interesting. Thanks.

  6. Javier 6B

    It is fake, but you can see that they are very good at skiing. Can you tell me what app did you use please?

  7. LucΓ­a 5️⃣C

    I think this video is real because it says that it is a Japanese experiment.

  8. Alba 5 B

    Too say the truth I really don’t know very much but I think is fake

  9. Alba 5 B

    I think Marta 5C is right.

  10. Evan5B

    I think that someone took a video of some Ostriches, and then edited it with CGI, and put in things like the snow, and the mountains, and the chair lift, and things like that. So, fake.

  11. Fake!!!!

  12. I really liked the video and I would love skiing and the video looks really cool.It is a little bit strange to see those animals skiing, but the video looks a little bit true but after all I think is false.
    It would be incredible yo see that in real life.

  13. So funny, but I think is fake

  14. Taha 5D

    It is super fake!!!!

  15. Yes, really fake.

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