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Scratch Programming and Greek Themed Creative Writing

2000px-Scratchcat.svgGreek scene

Hi everyone

As we are creating our own Scratch videogame in Computing based on the labyrinth legend, I though the Y5s might want to post some stories about anything with an ancient Greek theme. Come on, please send me some fantastic stories! Y6s could also send some if they want to.



Here is a story from Evan – hope you like it.


The Kingdom on the Rock

Cracking Caxton’s Got Talent!!!

CGT 4 cartel 007 (1)

Get practising kids!

Cracking Caxton’s Got Talent!!!

CGT 4 cartel 007 (1)

Get practising kids!

Maths Puzzle


Can you show perserverence and solve this puzzle?


So far I have answers from Rodolfo, Laura 5C and Laura in 6B. Any more maths wizards? I suppose it’s more logic than maths.



Sports Activities at School

Here is another great video. It really does make me think I need to do more exercise so I can continue to be healthy and happy. What about you? Do you think  you need to do more exercise and what kind of activities would you like to do? I can’t play football any more because of my ageing knees and it makes me feel down in the dumps… Tell me about your thoughts.

Early Years at Caxton

Here is a lovely video of the little children learning through play. What do you think? It makes me wish I was in Reception again!!!

Claudia’s Fantastic Electricity Demo

I absolutely love seeing children at Caxton do extra work that is both educational and creative. Here Claudia in 6C has made a wonderful electricity kit using a variety of skills. I bet she really understands how electricity works now! Keep up the hard work Claudia!!!

Tell me what you think about it? Is anyone else up for a challenge? How about trying to create your own project? Obviously, Claudia got a well deserved purple  form for her effort and enthusiasm.

More Caxton Creative Writing Ideas.


I love this photo of a ladybird hitching a ride on a dandelion seed. Why not write a mini-story about it. Don’t forget adverbs, adjectives, similies, metaphors, alliteration etc. But don’t forget to check GRAMMAR and make sure it makes SENSE! A purple for for the best one!

Lego Robotics Helpers

Well done and thanks for helping me organise the Lego kits girls. I can always rely on children from Caxton helping out with jobs during their free time.


Problem Solving and Perserverence.

During golden time in Y6A the children have had a challenge of constructing a structure, only out of rolled-up newspaper, that is capable of holding up a 5 litre bottle of water. Here are some children who have rose to the challenge and been successful. Well done.



Well done Begoña, George, Mary and Maria!

Do you know what mass of 5 litres of water is? Positive point for the correct answer.

More success!!!



Well done Tonico, Lola, Alicia and Sofia. Great to see you wearing your safer internet day badges too!

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