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I love this photo of a ladybird hitching a ride on a dandelion seed. Why not write a mini-story about it. Don’t forget adverbs, adjectives, similies, metaphors, alliteration etc. But don’t forget to check GRAMMAR and make sure it makes SENSE! A purple for for the best one!


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  1. I love this photo.
    It’s a colorful ladybird like a rainbow hitching a ride on a dandelion seed in the soft air. Soon after the ladybird got to a soft sand beach, she sat on the sand and opened the umbrella and started to read her interesting book.

  2. Nico

    Wow! I love that photo, it’s like the ladybird is dispersing the flower.

    • It is Nico and well done for using scientific vocabulary. What kind of seed dispersal is it? Also, how about writing some fantastic description to go with the photo?

  3. Daniel N

    It’s a wonderful picture with a colorful,happy ladybird.The most incredible and surprising thing is that is on top of a dandelion!!!The picture has a green turkey of background and it makes it a very nice picture.The dandelion is as white as a blank paper and the lady bird is as red as tomatoes.I think that the ladybird is just going to Jump to the floor or another flower, but who knows??

  4. Alba 5 B

    I think its air dispersal.

  5. Evan5B

    Here is a little story to explain this scene:

    Once, about 50 years ago, there was a top-secret organization called the IHPS.(International Humane Protection Society). The IHPS was a lot like the police, but still different in two ways: It was top-secret, and it had a brilliant scientist working for it, named Howard Lennon.

    Here is how this story all began. One day, Howard was at a meeting with the other IHPS members, when the topic moved to spys. The people were saying they needed someone slick, smart, and silent. Then it hit Howard. He knew just the thing that was small, and he could get many more of. Bugs.

    By the next week, he had invented a machine that allowed humans to communicate with bugs. That is how Ladybird agent 8147 got his first mission. There was a murderous group of terrorists called the Kzitzki (Pronounced Ka-zits-ki) Gang that was going around the country, and striking fear into countless people’s hearts. Their leader was a man named Rusakov Von Klvinski, (Pronounced Kol-vin-ski) and that night he, and his gang, would meet Vladmir Zรผnvlanski, (Pronounced Zoon-vlan-ski) a famous illegal weapons designer. 8147’s mission, was to sneak into their lair, which was the abandoned factory 214, or, to the Kzitski gang, known as Vlamilhov, and to record the meeting, with a tiny recording device strapped to his tiny chest. Soon, 8147’s mission had begun.

    He silently flew through the rafters of the factory, as he noticed the large gathering of armed men, all facing a tall man with tight lips, a tight, expensive coat, tight, expensive pants, and a monocle. In his belt were many strange-looking weapons, that 8147 assumed he had invented himself. He, (8147) stared down, as they talked, and then started the recording. A few seconds after the recording had started, Professor Zรผnvlanski slowly looked up, right at where 8147 was, and smiled. “Rusakov,” he spat, in a thick German accent. “I believe we have a visitor.” Then he slowly reached down to his belt, and slowly drew out one of the strange weapons. Then, he slowly pointed it at 8147. “Goodbye, little ladybird,” he whispered evilly.

    At that moment, 8147 took off, flying with all his might, through the rafters of the factory, as explosions from the weapons below erupted all around him. He flew with all his might, out the door, and at that moment caught a flying dandelion seed. And that is how this story fits in with the photo. Agent 8147 survived that mission, and eventually, the Kzitzki gang was rounded up, and arrested. 8147 did die soon after his mission, as all bugs have much shorter lifespans than humans, but this story lives on in his memory.

    Or is it?

  6. Looks like a superhero ladybird about to save the world on a dandelion.๐Ÿž

  7. I love this photo !โค๏ธ it’s like a superhero saving the day on a dandelion.

  8. That ladybird was a ship commander for 12 years and when people had problems, the ladybird went on her journey to save them. She past through winds, carnivorous plants and bees but they couldn’t stop her braveness! Finally, when she returned to the ladybird city there were bees attacking it, without fear,the ladybird attacked the bees and the bees went and the ladybird won the fight! ๐Ÿž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

    • Nice ideas and some great vocab used Jacobo. Please check your verbs tense. Why don’t you try to uplevel it and send me the improved version. Thanks.

  9. Nico Y-5D

    Ohh, I also think that is wind dispersal !!!

  10. It a very interesting photo of a ladybird flaying in a dandelion!!
    The ladybird is called Pablo like me, one day he was at his house and in that moment the wind came ๐ŸŒฌ, the ladybird fell off into a dandelion flower, however nobody knew where he was going to stop! Maybe in Saturn, Venus or Jupiter.

  11. Laura 6B


    Quick Transport, no pollution and Superhero

    Yesterday, a normal ladybird (named Lady Mary Bird), invented a new method of transport. You only need a dandelion and some wind. It consists of you (whatever kind of bug you are) climbing up to a dandelion and letting the wind blow it away.

    Probably, you are wondering how Lady Mary Bird invented it, it was simple, she was only having a nice and calm walk on a windy day, when she heard someone screaming for help. She quickly ran and ran everywhere, but she didn’t find anyone, instead, she found a dandelion. So she thought, โ€œWhy not climb on top of it, if the bug screaming for help is so far away, I should use something that’s quick.” So she climbed on top of it and anxiously prayed for some hard wind to come. Suddenly, a hard burst of wind came and quickly blew the dandelion away with Lady Mary Bird on top of it. She prayed for it to work while the screams got closer, louder and eager. She was flying on top of the dandelion, until the wind stopped and she abruptly landed on the hard, dusty floor.

    Fortunately, she was alright, so she ran to look for the bug that was screaming for help. She ran and ran to find the bug that was screaming, and she found a grasshopper under a stone. She quickly ran to help him and with some unknown strength, she slowly lifted the stone and the bug rapidly got away from the stone.

    She had saved him! He was extremely thankful and after he had said to her thank you a thousand times, he said, โ€œI have no idea how we are going to get back to the city, it’s too far away.”
    She then answered, โ€œLeave that to me, if I have arrived here so quickly, I will know how to get back.โ€ She looked around for a dandelion and after ten minutes of searching, she found one. She got it and said to the grasshopper to climb on top of it, at first he thought she was crazy, but when she told him how she arrived here, he handsomely climbed on top of it and then she also climbed on top of it and with a fast and hard burst of wind, they quickly arrived at the city.

    When they arrived, they each went to their own houses and the grasshopper told everyone how brave and courageous Lady Mary Bird was and is. After that, she became famous and everyone tried that new method of ecological transport, and now, here she is, in our newspaper, the most important newspaper in Bugland.


    I hope you liked my story ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

    • Yet again a wonderfully creative story and done in the style of a newspaper too!!! I love your writing. I have made a few tiny changes. One is a common mistake that children in Spain make, instead of ‘went running’ we should usually use the simple past tense ‘ran’. For example, ‘In the blink of an eye, he ran as fast as the speed of light down the corridor’ and not ‘In the blink of an eye, he went running…’ Just small things Laura, but they will make your writing even better than it already is (which is fantastic by the way!). Thanks as always.

  12. Laura 6B

    Evan, I love your story, it’s super interesting! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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