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Peace Display

imageAs I mentioned the display on the previous post, I thought I would put a quick photo on here.


Carnival at Caxton

IMG_2335 IMG_2337 IMG_2343 IMG_2347 IMG_2349

The Y6 children have been celebrating carnival in Valenciano lessons. It looks like some have gotten inspiration from the fantastic ‘Peace’ display by the religion teachers. Wel done all involved – it looks like great fun. Do you celebrate carnival? Let me know some of your memories about carnival please.

Caxton’s Fantastic Y6 Reps


This terms brand new Reps have made a fantastic start. They have already been very helpful and enthusiastic – well done. I’m really looking forward to working with them this term.

They are:

Y6A – Clara and Javi

Y6B – Ekaterina and Alejandro

Y6C – Lucia and Javier

Y6D – Marian and Santi

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