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The first review is from Evan in 5B, now we all know what an amazing writer he is and I would imagine that is in some part due to the amount of reading he does. So, here is his book review.  I loved Northern Light when I read it years ago, it is quite a long book – but I’m sure some of you remarkable readers are up for the challenge! Also, please send your reviews to ‘Blog work’ in your General Google Drive folder.

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Book Review; Northern Lights



Scratch Programming and Greek Themed Creative Writing


Creative Writing


  1. Alejzhou6B

    It is fantastic!

  2. Evan5B

    If you like the story “The Kingdom on the Rock” you can read part 2 in the Scratch programming, and Greek Writing folder. Also, you can find King Acarium’s story in the newest creative writing folder.

    • Evan, I’ve moved the ‘Kingdom of the Rock’ story into the Greek writing post too. Sorry for putting it into the wrong post! Whoops…

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