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Is it a flock of birds, strange dolphin or something completely different?

Get creative and write something descriptive and interesting.





Have a fabulous Fallas

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  1. Evan5B

    Here is a little story explaining the scene. It is kind of the backstory of King Acarium, in my myth, The Kingdom on the Rock.
    Long, long, ago, there was an incredibly evil, and greedy man, named Acarium. Acarium had noble heritage, and was in line to be King, if all went right. But one day, the people of Kamrokus, (for that was the name of the kingdom) revolted, began a a revolution, and killed the royal family. Acarium was promptly exiled, and spent the next 10 years hiding in the forest for fear of his life. But one day, that all changed.

    Kamrokus had been becoming unstable, and unsafe. There had been murders, and robberies, fires, and insanities. The people coulden’t live safely without a ruler, and law upholders. Because of this, it was easy for Acarium to comit the right sneaky murders, to get his way to the throne. He was a terrible ruler, and everyone hated him, but he had to powerful an army, and they couldn’t revolt, as they had before. A few people tried, andl got slaughtered.

    Meanwhile, on Mount Olympus, Zeus was watching the scene, and shaking his head. “Idiotic man. Clearly insane. Artemis!” He called out to Artemis, goddess of the hunt, and the moon, also his daughter. “Run this disgustingly horrible King out of his kingdom. It will embarrass him greatly.” So Artemis set off, to scare Acarium out of his kingdom, in quite an embarrassing way.

    At the moment Artemis came, Acarium had been just about to create higher taxes in Kamrokus, when the roof of his palace suddenly disappeared. Acarium gasped, and so did all of Kamrokus, as hovering in the air above the palace, was the most gigantic flock of birds, Acarium had ever seen. Then the most amazing thing happened: the flock of birds began to move, to form into a giant dolphin. The dolphin seemed to move, almost swim, through the air, until it was directly above the palace. Then the huge bird-dolphin seemed to explode, as every single one of the birds flew, squaking down, into the the palace, until the only thing Acarium could see was a lot of feathers in his face.

    Acarium survived, but got exiled again, and eventually killed his way to a different throne. He was a horrible ruler, for a long time, and even managed to take possession of the Staff of Calophorus, an amazingly powerful healing Staff. Eventually, he was killed by a man named Adromilius, (See The Kingdom on the Rock) and the Staff was stolen. But that’s the end of Acarium’s story. King, Murderur, Criminal, Acarium destroyed lives, but eventually the same was done to him.

    I hope you liked it.

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