The Amazing Oscars!!!

Here are some photos from yesterdays ceremony. Hope you all had a wonderful time. What did you think of it?



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Have a fabulous Fallas


Greek Games Day in Y5


  1. Rodolfo-6d

    It was amazing!
    I was very happy of wining the best film Oscar.
    I loved that day.

  2. Ulises 6D

    It was really cool because there were two professionals, an actor and director and my class had a lot of prizes. I will never forget that day!

  3. Begoña

    It was fantastic!

  4. Begoña

    I want to repeat it.

  5. Arnau 6-C

    It was a shame I didn’t won an Oscar.
    But it was astonishing. I hope everyone liked it. 😄🎉

  6. Carlos 6-C

    I love the oscars, but it was a shame that I didn’t get one, but at least I tried it.

  7. Belen6C

    There aré súper cool

  8. I love the Oscars!!!

  9. Ariadna 6C

    It was very cool and I revelled in it.

    It was excellent.

  10. Jorge 6c

    I was very nervous, however I liked it.

  11. Marta 5C

    It was amazing – the winning film,I congratulate all of the Year 6 children because I imagine that the films were as incredible as the winner film.

    • I will post some more of the films on here (or maybe include a link to a Google drive folder). I’m sure all the Y5s are looking forward to creating fantastic films next year. Thanks Marta.

  12. Christian

    I have a question what is the Oscars?
    PS I was not there when that happend but I bet it was good.

    • Hi Christian, wonderful to hear from you. How’s Korea? Hope you have settled in well.

      The Oscars is a fantastically creative movie project that the Y6s do in the second term. They have to really work well as part of a team to plan, film and edit their own movie! Then at the end we have an awards ceremony when we all dress up – just like the real Oscars.

  13. Miss Martin

    Hello Year 6! This is Miss Martin, I was 5C’s American teacher last year. I love checking your blog to see how you all are doing, and it looks like you all have been having a wonderful time. The Oscars looked like so much fun and you all look so nice all dressed up. Congratulations to all the winners and keep up the good work!

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