Month: April 2016

Rodolfo’s Splendid Stop Start Animation

Here is a great short video from Rodolfo. It takes a lot of patience to make these!

Did you use iMotion Rodolfo? I have used this great free app and it is really easy to use. Ask me Rodolfo and I can show you how to remove a frame if you accidentally get your hand in the way. What do you all think about it?

The Wonders of Space!!!

Here are a few videos from Youtube about how big the universe is. It is difficult to comprehend how big it is. In these videos the distance increases x10 each time. This means that it zooms of from 1km, to the next frame to 10km, then 100km etc. So, each time the ‘camera’ moves out the distance is much greater. I hope you enjoy them, I know I did. Let me know if you have any questions or you have any comments.

IPad Training in England


I’m on a course in the UK, I thought I’d share a photo of the place I am staying.


I’m getting some fantastic ideas for the Oscars project next year and have found some great apps for the teachers to use.


Caxton College British School