Month: May 2016

Fantastic Films from the Y7s at Caxton!


Some wonderful Y7s have made these educational videos for the y5s. Their aim is to help everyone become better students, well, better people in general really. They were made for the Y5s, but the Y6s should find them very useful as they prepare for their move to Secondary. It’s wonderful to see the familiar faces in the videos and it shows that we try to help each other at Caxton, hopefully  helping each other to become happier and more productive.

PS I had to cut a few seconds off one of the films because it had the children’s full names on the end. We always need to think about our on-line safety.

Creative Writing Prompts

Here are some more interesting photos. Can you describe what’s happening or what will happen next? Try making up an interesting and entertaining story.

image image image

Techno Girls Review New Apps – ChatterPix

Here is a review of a great app. Thanks Daniela, Patricia, Noa, Lucia and Noelia in Y5! Looking forward to the next one!!!

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