Creative Writing Prompts

Here are some more interesting photos. Can you describe what’s happening or what will happen next? Try making up an interesting and entertaining story.

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  1. Evan5B

    Hello, Mr. Fraser. I hope you enjoy my story about what is happening in the picture of the giraffe.

    Once there was a man named James Clark, who completly obsessed with animals, and their lives. He travelled all over the world, and would stare, for hours on end, at the animals going on with their lives. He spent all his time staring at animals so long, he would become dastardly hungry, so he had a fiery temper, worse then a charging bull’s. He rarely talked, unless with animals, and when he did, all that came out was gibberish. Some people said he was insane, some said he was dangerous. He worked alone, and was constantly on watch from the authorities.

    One day, he travelled to Africa, where he could observe the most. He loved Africa, but he never said so. He loved the long, stretching plains, and the peaceful, grazing animals. Some said he had once seen an ivory poache about to shoot an elefant, and that then James had taken up his rifle, and blasted the man out of his Land Cruiser. He was not landing in Kenya, full of tourists, and whatnot, but in Tanzania, home of the most animals in Africa.

    As his aero plane approached the airfield, the plane suddenly stopped. He was the only one in there. He was a licensed piolet, so he owned a plane, and he frequently used. He looked out the window, and saw a giraffe, as tall as the sky, with a youngling next to it. The bigger one, was holding the plane in its teeth, and shaking it. James yelled. He was’nt going to shoot the thing, no way. This was amazing! A whole new species of giraffe! He only revved the engine a bit, and spun the propellers, and immediately, the giraffe let go. But unfortunately, the giraffe had seriously damaged the plane, and the second it let go, the plane fell through the air, and crashed to the ground, in a ball of flame. James Clark survived, amazingly, but he never again felt the same about animals.
    Thank you. I hope you enjoyed it a lot!

  2. Ethan 5B

    Once there was a private company called AMSA (animal man spy association). They had many animals that worked with them. They try to keep powerful technology from getting into the wrong hands. There last mission was when Gary the Giraffe was acting like a normal giraffe in Africa. When suddenly the general of the association called him and said, “Gary there is a crew flying near your current location in a land cruiser that just stole a weapon that can make an area of 1000 kilometres blow up. You need to take back that weapon and stop them.”

    “Oh noo! I can’t let that happen!” thought Gary. So Gary took his calf and went to an open area and searched the place. All of a sudden he heard the sound of an engine getting closer and closer. Then he realized it was coming from behind him and he ducked just at the right moment.

    The aeroplane zipped right over his head, but luckily did no damage to Gary. Gary chased and chased the plane for a while, but didn’t catch up to it.

    Finally, the plane stopped at an airfield where it stopped to refuel. Gary snooped around the airfield and found out that they were heading to a top secret base in an unpopulated area in the Arctic. They were planning on melting the Arctic with the heat of a big explosion, and then they would take over the entire planet!

    After that, the plane started its engine and took off. Then Gary stuck its face in through the window and took the weapon. The man was furious that his new suit was ruined and went to the back of the plane to change. Luckily, the man didn’t realize that the weapon was stolen.

    Gary was so happy that he’d stopped them he didn’t realize he had forgotten his calf at the airfield. He raced back and saw the men at the airfield loading their guns, but just then all of a sudden a helicopter swooped in and started firing bullets rapidly. The men ran away and then a jumbo jet landed in the air field and took Gary and his calf back to the base.

    When the bad guys arrived in the Arctic and they discovered what had happened they shouted as loud as they could, “WE WILL GET WHOEVER DID THIS!!!!” While they were screaming the agents of AMSA were having a fantastic party…

    By: Ethan Ploetz 5B

    Hope you enjoyed it.

  3. Ethan is the best, I like his writing a lot, so much I would like to do one. I like it so much, Ethan’s the best!

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