Month: September 2016

Brilliant Books!


I vividly remember not being able to put down a multitude of  books as a child. It was almost as though they were metallic and my hands were electromagnets… not hearing my mother calling me for dinner because I had my nose deeply buried in a book… thinking ‘just one more chapter’ before I went to sleep…

Have you ever been completely grabbed by a book? Engrossed to the point that, no matter how hard you try,  you can’t seem to be able to it down? Well then, tell us all about it. Post the book, author and (most importantly) why you loved the book.

Learning Outside of Caxton School


Do you do any extra work outside of school that you are very proud of and would like to share? Here is Rebeca, in Y6, doing some fantastic coding work in Scotland during the summer holidays. Well done Rebeca.

Send me photos and comments about what you are doing in your free time. It doesn’t have to be academic, it could be about you learning how to dance, play tennis, learn how to cook… anything really.

I look forward to getting lots of replies, as I know you are an extremely talented bunch of children. Well, maybe some teachers would like to share any out of school activities too…




Here is another fantastic example of outside of Caxton learning from Ines. She put a document into the Google Drive folder and I have linked it here. Click on the link below to view the document. Great work Ines – have a purple form from me!




Magic Maths with Hugo!

Hi everyone,

Here’s a little video from Hugo with a maths trick. Can you be a maths detective and work out how he did it? Let me know if you do. I think we should make another film of Hugo explaining how he did it. Well done Hugo, I am going to give you a purple form for your effort and enthusiasm!

Do you have any interesting maths tricks? Let me know and we could make a video and post it here.



Using Word, Making Folders etc. on a PC

Hi Y6,

Here is a video that I made last year, however it will be useful for you because the task in Computing is almost the same. Remember, there is often more than one way of doing things and the best way of learning is just to have a go! You can always use the ‘undo’ button if you make a mistake. Try to make connections with how you would use Pages on your iPad, it might be similar because they are both word processing packages.

Good luck

Today is Roald Dahl’s Centenary!!!


Hi everyone,

Today Roald Dahl would have been 100 if he was still alive! So, who would be your favourite character from his books or what is your favourite Roald Dahl  book (and why). Please remember just to post using your first name and class so you will stay safe when using the internet. Never use your full name (e.g. John Y6F).

Below is an example of one of his Revolting Rhymes. If you like it there are lots on Youtube.


Hello From the U.S.A.


Evan and Maddox have sent a photo and a message to say hello to you all. Post a message here if you want to ask them a question or just to say ‘hi’. Also,Evan and Maddox,  feel free to post messages on here ! We hope you’re both having a great time. I’m sure you old class miss you (and I especially miss your very entertaining stories Evan). Take care and keep in touch.

Which Book Character Would You Love To Be?


So, which character from a book would you absolutely love to be? Surprisingly, Mr Pickford and I had the same choice – a hobbit. Well, perhaps it isn’t that surprising as it’s an amazing book that really grabs the reader, a real page turner! My fondest memory of being at primary school was when my Y6 teacher used to read The Hobbit to the class at the end of the day. I was absorbed into a magical world of goblins, dwarves and dragons.  Looking back, I think it was the book that really sparked my love of reading. For me, probably the finest feeling in the world is to be gripped by a thrilling story and want to read on and on and on…

Right then, who would you love to be and why? Remember to use high quality English and to write expanded sentences, including all the best features of VCOP. A purple for for the best answers.

PS I would thrilled if some teachers responded too.

Roald Dahl…


Hi everyone,

We hope you enjoyed the assembly. Does anyone know why this year is a special year if you are interested in Roald Dahl?

Please post your answers.


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