Using Word, Making Folders etc. on a PC

Hi Y6,

Here is a video that I made last year, however it will be useful for you because the task in Computing is almost the same. Remember, there is often more than one way of doing things and the best way of learning is just to have a go! You can always use the ‘undo’ button if you make a mistake. Try to make connections with how you would use Pages on your iPad, it might be similar because they are both word processing packages.

Good luck


Today is Roald Dahl’s Centenary!!!


Magic Maths with Hugo!


  1. Salome Y6A

    Thank you for the video.

  2. Nicolas

    Very useful video, thank you.

  3. Elena G

    Mr Fraser can you do a video for macs 🙏🏻 is because I don’t have a desk top PC.

    • Using Word on a Mac or using Pages? Thanks for your interest. By the way, you are doing really well in Computing this term. Keep on being so enthusiastic – it’s fantastic to see!

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