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Do you do any extra work outside of school that you are very proud of and would like to share? Here is Rebeca, in Y6, doing some fantastic coding work in Scotland during the summer holidays. Well done Rebeca.

Send me photos and comments about what you are doing in your free time. It doesn’t have to be academic, it could be about you learning how to dance, play tennis, learn how to cook… anything really.

I look forward to getting lots of replies, as I know you are an extremely talented bunch of children. Well, maybe some teachers would like to share any out of school activities too…




Here is another fantastic example of outside of Caxton learning from Ines. She put a document into the Google Drive folder and I have linked it here. Click on the link below to view the document. Great work Ines – have a purple form from me!





Magic Maths with Hugo!


Brilliant Books!


  1. Ines

    Thank you for the purple form Mr Fraser!!!!!

  2. How do we post a photo?

    • Hi Mar,
      If you want to post a photo you have to save it in the Google Drive folder (work for the blog) and let me know by posting a comment on here on the blog. Then I will attach it with your comment. Unfortunately, you can’t just add your own photo with this blog.

  3. I do chiniese 2 days a week and golf on Saturday.

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