Magic Maths with Hugo!

Hi everyone,

Here’s a little video from Hugo with a maths trick. Can you be a maths detective and work out how he did it? Let me know if you do. I think we should make another film of Hugo explaining how he did it. Well done Hugo, I am going to give you a purple form for your effort and enthusiasm!

Do you have any interesting maths tricks? Let me know and we could make a video and post it here.




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  1. Eneko

    They had it calculated

  2. Elena G

    It’s incredible magic 🐇🎩✨
    Elena G Y-6A

  3. Javi G

    They had it already calculated and the numbers in their heads.

    • No Javi, Aaron gave random numbers and Hugo adjusted the numbers that he added to those numbers. But what did he do? Maybe I will get Hugo to make another video explaining it.
      Thanks for your comment.

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