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Extreme Reading At Caxton!

Here’s a fantastic competition to accompany our focus on getting everyone to read more for pleasure. Watch the film below and hopefully you will get inspired…

Here are the first photos of extreme reading. The school guinea pigs look like they’re enjoying a good read!

img_0688 img_0692


img_0702Here’s some very creative extreme reading photos that Lucas, in Ms Hamilton’s classs in Y5, has made into an eBook using Book Creator. Well done  Lucas – fantastic work.


Help With Excel For Y6 Computing at Caxton

Hi everyone,

I’ve managed to find some sort, suitabl videos to help with our computing topic. I was going o make them myself, but couldn’t do it on my Mac (that I usually use to make instructional videos). Can you guess why? Anyway, I hope you find them useful. Each one is about 2 minutes long and they are excactly what we have been doing in class, plus a few extra really useful top tips!

Manipulating Rows and Columns

Titles and Axes Labels

Creating a Chart

Moving Chart and Changing Chart Type

Read More

Family Resemblance – Y6 Science.

Hi all,

In science, Y6 are learning about species, evolution and family resemblance.

Here are some photos:


archivo_002 archivo_003 archivo_004 archivo_005 domimg_0662

Lucas and his mum; Rebeca and her mum; Sophia (in Rec C), her mum and grandmother; Pablo and Luis; and Maria and Pedro. Can you see the family resemblance? Do you really look like someone else in your family?

However, what about the black and white photo? One of the twins works at Caxton… but who is it? Please post your ideas and reasons why.

PS Have you noticed that I haven’t used anyones family name? We need to be a safe as possible when online… Also, I’ve tried to use semicolons in a list, hopefully successfully, but it isn’t easy.

Get Creative With Your Rubbish!


After today’s Y6 assembly from Ms Thompson, I thought I’d post this video. Can you come up with any interesting ideas of how to reuse stuff you would normally recycle? Well, I hope you recycle and don’t throw plastic bottle into the general rubbish bins!

Put any photos or videos into the Google Drive folder and please leave a comment here to let me know it’s there.

Many thanks


Here are fantastic videos from some Y6 and Y5 girls. I’m delighted with how they’ve concentrated on their pronunciation and at the same time given us some great hacks. Just be careful if you try the balloon one that you don’t smash anyones phone! I was a little anxious when watching the phone bounce  up and down…

A purple form to you all, well that’s if you haven’t already been given one!

Using Showbie


Here’s a little video we made to show your parents how we use Showbie at Caxton. Well done Javi, a great instructional video!

Why we love our iPads!

Here is a video explaining some of the reasons we find our iPads so useful at Caxton.

World Smile Day at Caxton

What a fantastically smiley day!!! Hope you had a wonderful day. I will post a new video on Monday.

The Primary Choir for International Music Day

Remember when we filmed the choir after only 2 practices? Well, have a listen to how they performed in Secondary for International Music Day last week. It’s wonderful to see the progress.

Super 6B Recorder Practice

Just look what you can achieve with a little practice!  Y6B performed fantastically well this morning. What do you think about it?


Caxton’s Creative Writing

Hi all,

Remember some of the amazingly descriptive, creative and entertaining writing that lots of you did last year (look back to last year’s posts – especially Evan’s)? Well, now it’s time to get writing again. Purple forms to the best ones.  Make up a little story, thinking about using VCOP, and post it here. The more creative, the better! Here are two animal based pictures. The first one is real, however the second one clearly photoshopped.

img_0319 img_0321

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