Legendary Library Assistants!

We all are so proud and pleased with the library assistants. Ms Isabel is over the moon with how they have been organising things in the library! A massive congratulations to you all!

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Extreme Reading At Caxton!


Brilliant Bucket Fillers!


  1. Miss H 5B

    Wow – what great helpers and well deserved purple forms for all their hard work. You really do make a difference to the library.
    A big thank you from Miss Hamilton and 5B.

  2. Lucía P 6C😎

    When are we going to recieve our badges?
    I can’t wait to see them!👏🏻😜

  3. Ines

    It’s fun being library assistants. You don’t only order the books, you can go with your friends and have a talk while your working!

  4. Noelia

    Yes Ines, I think the same.But as well at break time or lunch time you can go to read a book in the library!!😊😊😊

    • Yes, also when we get the outside areas finished you will be able to read books to the younger children! That will be fantastic for you all, I’m sure. I’m definitely going to go out and read at break or lunch time.

  5. Nicolas 6D

    Wow , What a fantastic job . Now that they organised the books is more easy to find them !!

    THANKS !!!! 😋

    • Thanks for being so positive and I’m sure you’ve helped to fill the assistants ‘buckets’ with you kind words! I’m sure they will appreciate it.
      Have a positive Dojo Nicolas.

  6. alba 6B

    It’s so fun being libary assistant!

  7. Lucía P 6C

    Yes, he has filled my bucket

  8. I love being a library assistant it fun and you can chat with your friends.😋📚

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