Brilliant Bucket Fillers!


Hi everyone,

Have you seen Ms Little’s amazing interactive display? Following on from our SEALs assembly, we are looking for you to tell us about any instances when you have filled someones bucket or they have filled yours!

We will send some ‘post it’ notes to your teacher and you can add them to the wall, however please write them in class and not in the corridor. Alternatively, you can post any messages here.

Have a great weekend!!!


The brilliant Bs are the first classes to send us their sheets. A huge well done to Y4B, Y5B and Y6B!!! You filled our buckets reading about all the kind and considerate things you have been doing lately. Purple forms are coming your way…


Legendary Library Assistants!


Next Week’s Robotics


  1. Ines

    Yes, I saw the display. It is wonderfully decorated! 😁

  2. Eva G

    It’s beautiful 😜

  3. I fill a bucket by every Sunday helping people dance ( people which are disabled ) like they have difficulties moving properly.

  4. 12345678

    The display is awesome.
    I hope this continues all year.

  5. Noelia6D

    Yes, it is so nice and beautiful!💯👍🏻

  6. Rebeca 6B

    Whoo lots of Bs! (4B,5B,6B) Yeah that’s true, wonderful display. Thank you Ms Little.

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