Next Week’s Robotics


Here are a few videos with the new Lego WeDo 2 robotics kits that we will be using next week with the Y6s. Really looking forward to it! Has anyone used them before?




Brilliant Bucket Fillers!


Y6 Lego WeDo 2 – Week 1


  1. Rebeca 6B

    Mr Fraser where are the videos?🤓

  2. Halloween!!!
    This story is really scary, so if you have a heart attack it’s not my problem I warned you.
    It all started when mum told us that we were going trick or treating. Every year mum makes us go trick or treating, however we always have a good excuse . This years excuse was we don’t have a costume, but mum replied, “Well, it doesn’t matter any more because here are your costumes.”

    “But mum my friends …” I started saying ,I was going to finish the sentence when mum rolled her eyes at me and gave me the icy stare . I hate when she does that!

    When mum disappeared into the kitchen Nikki yelled at me, ” Way to go Ben now were stuck tread or treating for two whole hours!”

    The first half an hour was pretty fun, but when we came to the last house of the street I started to panic. That house was Mac Maniacs! It was the scariest the spookiest house in the street. The legend said that if you enter that house, then Mac Maniacs ghost will get you and kill you .I didn’t want to go there but my sister laughed at me and said, ” Ooh you are such a baby, do you want to go and cry on mummies hand?

    ” What ?? Now way, I’m going there and then will see whose the baby.” I replied. My little brother was even more scared than me. I rang the doorbell, but nobody opened, I rang again and again . The doors opened themselves.

    We entered into the house . The hall was completely covered in spider webs. Next room was the living room it, was even more scarier than the hall, it was all covered in spider webs and the furniture was covered in white blanket. Suddenly, l heard a whispering voice “I’m coming for you … be aware…” and then the voice suddenly stopped . We just looked at each author and…Ran!!!!!!!

    We ran upstairs and into a creepy room that was all the furniture was covered in white blankets except one thing. A mirror. The edges were covered in gold and the glass was crystal white . “Hey guys,”I blurted out, “Come and check this out.”

    “It’s some kind of writing,” my sister murmured suspiciously. It said:’When the sun is up your saved, but if you touch the seal you may not come out…’

    “When the sun is up your saved, but if you touch the seal you may not come out!” I repeated.

    “W-w-w what does it mean, we may not come out?” My brother cried.

    “Hmmm … eureka we just need to stay until the sun comes out! Easy peasy it’s already day – lets go!” I said happily.

    And that’s what happens when you mess with Mac Maniac.

    • A great story, well done Anna. Have a purple form. Maybe think of another little complication before the resolution (when they manage to escape) to improve. Perhaps one of them could get their foot stuck in something and then manage to pull it out, just at the last minute, before a sinister ghostly figure approached them.

      PS I’ve moved this to the writing section and there are more photos there for inspiration.

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