Month: December 2016

Christmas at Caxton

Ho Ho Ho! Here are a few videos and some photos from the last week at Caxton. There was lots of lovely stuff going on, despite all the floods, including some lovely festive singing in classrooms and a visit from Santa! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!

img_1009 img_1015 img_1016 img_1020 img_1022

Results of the C6 Summit

Today was the final event of the exciting ‘Island’ topic in Y6 and all the residents of the island had to vote for their preferred choice of energy supply.  This decision was made after carefully listening to the incredibly persuasive arguments from a selection of residents. After carefully considering all the possible solutions, the residents voted using a Google Form. A vital decision I’m sure you will all agree.

A huge congratulations to all the splendid speakers and thanks to the special guests from the ‘government, Iberdrola and the local council’ for attending. The results are shown below. The residents had to give their first choice and a secondary pick to compliment their first choice, just in case the first one couldn’t meet the island’s  energy demands. Surely everyone would agree this was a fitting end to an interesting, informative and highly entertaining topic!

Residents, please comment on your thoughts and feelings about the summit and the whole topic.

img_0994 img_0995 img_0996 img_0997 img_0998 img_0999 img_1001 img_1008


More Wonderful Decorations


Here are María in 6B and Blanca in 6C with their lovely creation. Well done girls and have a purple form.


Caxton’s Festive Library

Look how wonderfully inviting the library looks! I could just curl up in there with a great book to read… wait a minute… it looks like Ms Stenhouse has beaten me to it!

Also, check out the Y5 Iron Man display when you are next in there. They are amazing!


img_0975 img_0977 img_0978 img_0981 img_0983

Elsa’s Super Sewing Skills

Wonderful work Elsa and beautiful pronunciation! Have another purple form.


Merry Christmas at Caxton



Here are some of the delightful decorations that you have been making. Purple forms to you all!

img_0943 img_0946



Marvelous Marc’s Maths Tricks

Robotics Robotics Challenge Week 4

Here’s the challenge for Wednesday.

Caxton Christmas Competition

Hi everyone,

So, the best decorations will be put on top of the tree and if we have enough it could be a different one each day. It can be a star, fairy, angel or something else festive. Also, a purple form for the best ones. Good luck and get creative.

Caxton College British School