Today was the final event of the exciting ‘Island’ topic in Y6 and all the residents of the island had to vote for their preferred choice of energy supply. ¬†This decision was made after carefully listening to the incredibly persuasive arguments from a selection of residents. After carefully considering all the possible solutions, the residents voted using a Google Form. A vital decision I’m sure you will all agree.

A huge congratulations to all the splendid speakers and thanks to the special guests from the ‘government, Iberdrola and the local council’ for attending. The results are shown below. The residents had to give their first choice and a secondary pick to compliment their first choice, just in case the first one couldn’t meet the island’s ¬†energy demands. Surely everyone would agree this was a fitting end to an interesting, informative and highly entertaining topic!

Residents, please comment on your thoughts and feelings about the summit and the whole topic.

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