Month: January 2017

Having Fun at the BETT Technology Fair

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WeDo Week 2







Y5 Robotics – Changing the Batteries

Another Helpful Hint for Y5 Robotics

Y5 Top Tip – Connecting To The Correct Processor

Is this really computing?




Well, it definitely is! We didn’t use any technology, but we did a lot of computational thinking and debugged an algorithm to make great paper planes. Well done Y5 and I can’t wait for next weeks robotics!


Y5 WeDo Robotics at Caxton – Week 1


I hope you enjoyed the programming ‘unplugged’ paper plane lesson that we did this week. I was impressed with lots of good evidence of computational thinking and obviously you will need to continue with this  for next week, when we will start using the Lego WeDo 2 in the lesson. You must watch the video below before the lesson and then we can start constructing straight away. I have another  video for an extra challenge for any techno geniuses who whizz through the lesson or have used the WeDo 2 before. Also, I will need some of the Y5 Techno Team members to come and help me make some more instructional videos.




Welcome Back!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are refreshed and ready to do lots of work and have fun at the same time. Two exciting projects that we will be doing this term are the ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ movie making topic in Y6 and the Lego Robotics and Scratch game making project in Y5. Below is a video about what the Y6s did in computing last term and the Y5s will be doing something similar. We hope you have lots of fun!!!

brody-oscar-whiteness-machine-1200 wedo

Collaborative Learning in Y6

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