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Fabulous Filming!

Here are some Y6 children filming their movies for the ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ Topic. It’s very creative at Caxton at the moment. I can’t wait to see the finished movies.


What do you think their story could be about?

Y5 Scratch Project


Riveting Robotics on Digital Learning Day!

Extreme Reading Video

Hi, I forgot to share this from the Extreme Reading Competition.


Caxton Competition Time!


Hi, Thursday is Digital Learning Day – so let’s have a competition. Create something interesting and educational and save it in the blog Google Drive folder. It could be an iMovie, Keynote, ebook, Explain Everything or Prezi presentation, anything really. Good luck and let’s get creative!

New/Old Technology

Our School is Cool!

Here is a lovely piece of morning work from Y6B that definitely filled our buckets yesterday. We just thought we’d share it with you. What do you think? Well done Sofia.


WeDo Project D Challenge

Y5 Week 4 Robotics (Project D)

Internet Safety Day


I’m sure you’ve all learnt a lot of incredibly useful information and tips about using the internet safely. It’s really important and when you use this blog it will help you to get into good habits when using the internet.

Here are a few of the posters that you have created to help us all stay safe and have fun.

img_7735 img_7734 img_7737 img_7736

Well done Ms Kildea’s class.

And here’s one from Ms Sheperd’s class that they made using their iPad.


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