Y5 Scratch Project



Riveting Robotics on Digital Learning Day!


Fabulous Filming!


  1. Aitana

    Love the videos Mr Fraser. I can’t wait until Wednesday.
    Thank you

  2. Charlotte

    That’s amazing

  3. Lucia5c

    Thanks for sharing those videos .
    LUCIA 5C

  4. Javi 5C

    Thanks for the video Mr Fraser.
    Ready for Tuesday!

    Javi 5c

  5. Julia 5B

    I loved the videos and I have been asking to myself all the time I see Scratch’ s icon what was it for. We all will discover it on Wednesday. We will also need to do a little bit of maths.
    Thank you!

  6. Hugo 5-C

    It will. Be nice and challenging

  7. Laura 5C

    How interesting all the publications Mr Fraser . I can ‘ t wait until Tuesday to discover more types of robotics .

    LAURA 5C

  8. Rodrigo T

    Can’t wait, I’m so happy.


  9. Carlos Gi

    I loved the videos Mr Fraser I can’t wait to make that little cat move around and program it.


  10. Luis 5B

    I think it’s going to be fun.
    I can’t wait to do it!

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