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Rubik’s Challenge


Well, it seems like I’ve travelled back in time. When I was a boy Rubik’s cubes were incredibly popular and it seems like they have become fashionable again!

Here is a challenge for all you fast fingered folk. Put a video of you doing it, as fast as you can, into the Google Drive folder (Work for the Blog) and let me know on here that you have uploaded a video into the folder. The fastest gets at least a purple form.

However, lots of children are playing with their cubes when they shouldn’t be. For example when in a line, in the dining room etc. Please do not do this. You can obviously play with them on the playground – but not in the corridors.

Good luck

Cracking Caxton Choir Practice

Here is today’s practice. Lots of children were absent, so I can’t wait to hear them  again when everyone is in.

Week 3 Challenge

Y5 WeDo Week 3 (Project C)

Caxton Creative Writing

Well, we haven’t had any of these amusing photos to spark your creative writing this term, so here are a few. Write a story or  descriptive paragraph about one of them. Look back at old posts to see some wonderful examples.


  1. Look at the photos and have a really good think about how the situation may have come about. Could you give the characters human qualities (personification)? What might happen next?
  2. Talk through the story, that you have created, with a friend or adult. Could it be upleveled or improved?
  3. Write out the story in Pages. Then read it again and uplevel it (think about VCOP, could you add some adjectives, adverbs, similes, metaphors, speech punctuation…)
  4. Reread. Are there any words underlined in red? If so, you your spell check sensibly.
  5. Post it (copy and paste) and let everyone else read your wonderfully creative writing!

The best ones will get a purple form. Come on, let’s get writing!!!



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