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The Y5 3D Design Spinner Competition


Here is an example of one the the winners of the competition. The top 5 designs  from each class were chosen  and printed. We bought the bearings from the internet and the children had to be incredibly accurate with their design, otherwise it wouldn’t have fitted. We are really looking forward to doing more 3D design and printing projects here at Caxton next year.


Learning for a Purpose – Y6 Scratch Computer Game for the Y2s


Here are some photos from the game demonstration last week.  The Y2 teachers wanted me to pass on how much the children enjoyed them (some wanted to come back in at lunch to play them!).

The games this year have been the best ever and I would like to congratulate you all, but particularly Y6A and Y6B as their enthusiasm and computational thinking really stood out! I was really impressed with how most of you debugged the game and improved it in the moment to make the games more suitable and enjoyable for the Y2s. Keep on coding folks!


Fabulous Films at Caxton

Here are a few iMovies from Carlos and Julia in Y5B reviewing their year and saying what they are looking forward to in Y6. Well done and I hope you all have a wonderful summer. Please keep checking the blog every now and then as I will try to add some videos, challenges etc. that you may find interesting over the long summer holiday.

Remember, over 2 months is a long time not to be speaking/reading/writing in English – so please make sure you do some activities in English! Even watching movies or TV programmes in English will help (obviously, if English is the language you speak at home you should be doing things in Spanish). You could always go on the Scratch website, watch the videos and code your own game!

I will add some photos from the 3D design project very soon.




Y5 Animal Action!

Y5 3D Design Mini Project

Hi everyone,

I know you are all still on the trip – however here is the next video about how to design a fidget spinner. The best designs get printed and remember you can use the account details for Tinkercad at home. It does work on your iPad, but I think it’s easier to use on a PC or Mac.

Gooooood Morning! I Wonder How Much They Slept Last Night…

More Photos From Y5

It looks like so much fun!


Y5 Trip – Photos

Everyone is having a wonderful time. Here are some photos and I’ll post more as I receive them.

The End of Another Fantastic Y6 Trip!

A huge thank you and congratulations to Team Y6. Your hard work is really appreciated.

Beach Time!!!

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