Month: September 2017

First Purple Form of the Year at Caxton!

Here is a very proud Pati with the very first purple form of the year! She wrote an excellent diary entry about Kiwi, the Y5D  class mascot. Well done Pati and I’m sure we’ll see you with lots more as the year progresses. A perfect and very positive start to Y5!

Recommended Reads

Hi everyone,

Have you ever felt that your book is just so wonderful that you’ve found it hard to put it down? If so, then please let us know on here. Many of you had some fantastic recommendations on Friday in assembly, so post them here. Tell us about you favourite books and why you think other children would like to read them. A purple form for the best ones!


Welcome Back!!!

Hi everyone,

We hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday and are ready to learn lots and have fun!  Y5s – I hope you post lots of things on here. I’ll come into your classrooms and show you how to register next week.


Caxton College British School