First Purple Form of the Year at Caxton!

Here is a very proud Pati with the very first purple form of the year! She wrote an excellent diary entry about Kiwi, the Y5D ¬†class mascot. Well done Pati and I’m sure we’ll see you with lots more as the year progresses. A perfect and very positive start to Y5!


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What is Respect?


  1. Jose LL5c

    I can show respect by being kind to my mom and dad

  2. Miguel.P Y-5C

    I can show respect by speaking in English in Class.
    I can show respect by being kind to my Mum and Dad.

  3. Uali U 5c

    I can Show respect by not snatching things from other pupils
    And speaking in English in all English zones.

  4. Carla 5C

    Yay! Congratulations Pati for getting the first purple form!

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