A Review of Using Spreadsheets

Hi Y6,

Here is a review of what we did today in class. It’s about 20 minutes long, so you might want to watch it at the weekend.


Marvellous Music in Y6


Hello From Thailand!


  1. Charlotte Brunt

    I rely liked it

  2. Asier n 6c

    Thank you mister Fraser because with this video I now know how to use spreadsheets .

  3. Irene 6c

    I thought there was only one video but there were two.

    I really liked them.

  4. Laura 6C

    I really liked the videos .

  5. Nice video mr. Fraser I really liked

    • caxtoncollege

      Thanks Valen. I think you all did fantastically well with this weeks challenge.

  6. I liked your video

  7. Javier 6c

    Good video Mr Fraser.

    I really liked it
    Thank you

  8. Fran C 6A

    Good video Mr. Fraser now I know how to use spreadsheets

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