Month: November 2017

Let’s Be Green!

Watch Curro’s fabulous video for inspiration below and follow that up by adding post about how you are environmentally friendly.


Y6 Robot Wars at Caxton

Odd Socks Day in Primary!

Hope you had a fantastic week and filled lots of buckets. Here are a few photos and videos from today. I’ll add more as I get them.

Robotics at Caxton

Here is a video about this weeks robotics. Also, we had a robot war in Y6C at the end of the lesson today, which was thrilling. I’ll post the video when Raphael airdrops me his video.


´All Different – All Equal` Week


Hi all,

As you all know, we are focusing on how we are all very different,  however each and every one of us is equal and should be treated the same. We are focusing on filling buckets and being kind to each other. Someone in assembly came up with a wonderful definition; ‘always treat others as you would like people to treat you’.  We think that sums it up perfectly…

Please check out the video at the bottom of this post.

Also, please post  what ever makes you unique.




Terrific Technology at Caxton


Here are some fabulous technology projects that Nuria and Marc have created in their free time. Nuria’s has created a great game using Scratch (block based coding)  and Marc’s is using a text based coding language Python! Very adventurous! A purple form for both of them.

Hello From Thailand!

Hi everyone,

Look who sent a photo for the blog!

Grace and Luca are having a fantastic time in Bangkok, but missing all their friends here at Caxton. They send a massive hello from the other side of the world to all their friends and teachers (especially Ms Climent, who Grace said was amazing).  If you know any of their friends in secondary please show it to them (or children lower down the school). Post a message or question to them here. Also, Grace – you can post here too and tell us all about your adventures. I hope you are all having a fabulous time. I love Bangkok,







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